Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Things EVERY Gay Guy Should Know!

Hello gorgeous.

So this is just a list of some things I think every gay guy should know. Most of them are made off of mere observation, or just my personal opinion. And of course there are PLENTY of things every gay guy should know, and these may not apply to everyone, but they should still be very interesting.

#10 -
YOU ARE GAY, and yes people are going to stare. To some hetero people, they are just fascinated by gay people, to them we're like unicorns in a zoo that they just have to gawk at. There's pretty much nothing you can do about it. No matter how you try to mask it, hide it or avoid it--its just bound to happen! You're not normal and never will be, and that is not a bad thing! But there is something about the way you walk, the way you talk, your mannerisms, gestures and demeanor that gives off that you are gay. There's no need in being insecure about it, if they want to stare then let them! Hell why not give them a show while you're at it? As long as its not getting violent, don't worry about anybody watching you.

#9 - Yes doll face you are beautiful. You are cute, handsome and have a wicked sex appeal. But do not get full of yourself. Just because you look good does not mean you are the hottest thing walking. Whether you know it or not, there are about 20 other guys who look way better than you. I mean they blow you out of the water, you would probably rush home to change your outfit if one of them was in your proximity. So do not get too full of yourself. Confidence is one thing, but no one wants to be around some one arrogant and snobby. Beauty is only skin deep, and looks are not everything.

#8 - Everyone is different, and each gay person has something to bring to the table. Just because someone is not the "typical" gay does not mean they should be an outcast in the community. All gay boys do not shop at the same places, some of them have individual styles. All gay guys are not obsessed with being in "the scene", some of them prefer to steer away from all the drama and drive for popularity. Contrary to popular belief, every gay guy is also not obsessed with Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears--some of them have different music tastes like neo-soul or rock. But there should not be divisions in the community, we should all acknowledge one another for our individual traits and contributions.

#7 - Every gay guy needs a hag. Hags are practically the backbone of the gay community. Every man needs a woman, and gay guys are no exception! Straight girls and gay boys just seem to go together! They are supportive, comforting, encouraging and they go hand in hand with a gay! Every boy should have at least one straight girl friend, and most straight girls would be more than thrilled to have a gay friend (some of them treat us like collector's items and try to get as many as possible). Besides, who else are you going to go shopping with, take to prom, drag to the club, and cruise cute guys with?

#6 - Just like every gay guy needs a hag, he also needs to know or have a lesbian friend! Lesbians are gay just like you and although they have their own struggles and drama, they usually share the same ones as you. Plus they're not that bad to have around to kick some ass when you get into confrontation.

#5 - Stop setting standards on people! Gay guys have been accused of being too shallow, and to be honest the accusation has some validity in it. A lot of gay guys are really superficial and set these ridiculous standards on what type of guys they will and will not date or have sex with. They have to be a particular ethnicity, height, weight, masculine or feminine, top or bottom, openly gay or DL, and its all preposterous! You have no idea where you are going find happiness. Stop limiting your options of happiness by being so shallow and narrow minded. Accept people as they are and quit being so shallow and judgmental.

#4 - STOP THE WAR ON FEM GUYS! Some gay guys have the audacity to attack and consider themselves
better than a lot of feminine gay guys because they are more masculine than them. NEWSFLASH, you're just as gay as them! Gay is gay, there are no subdivisions or superiority pyramids. Instead of looking down your nose at fem guys you need to be taking your hat off to them. They take a lot of blows for the gay community because they are consistently condemned and criticized for being as they are. No everyone does not have to love fem guys, nor date them or have sex with them. We are allowed to have preferences, but at the end of the day we are all gay! And some masculine guys think that fem guys are "so annoying"--what makes you think YOU aren't annoying? Walking around being egotistical, machismo and boasting this silly bravado can be just as annoying and bothersome as a guy who squeals and carries a purse. Don't be mad at a fem guy because YOU don't have the balls to wear skin tight jeans and do a fierce strut! Let them do their thing as they let you do yours.

#3 - EVERY man does not want to be gay. Even in today's age where
everybody practically has a little "gay" in them, there are plenty of men who solely like women. This whole "trying to convert straight guys" thing is ridiculous and dangerous. You can not CHANGE someone who does not want to be changed! By sleeping with a guy there is no guarantee that he will become gay afterwards. Some gay guys will go on and on saying how they want to "convert their straight friend" by having sex with him. What kind of friend are you? What kind of friend tries to manipulate a straight friend for the benefit of blabbing to everyone that they did it? How would you like it if your straight girl friend tried to "convert you into being straight"? If you are secure with your sexual identity then fine, and if you stumble across someone who is curious that is fine too--but don't go around trying to change straight men.

#2 - Stop perpetuating the usage of the word "fag" or "faggot". It is a very hurtful, derogatory, degrading word ESPECIALLY when it is used in an attempt by one gay guy to hurt another. Its self-hatred and painful, particularly when gay guys use it amongst each other. In some aspects it can be used in a playful manner, but everyone is not comfortable with it. When ever I hear it I cringe a little; it can be so brutal and piercing. If we do not stop using it to hurt one another, it only makes it easier for non-gay people to use it against us as well.

#1 - Be true to yourself. Love starts at home, and you have to learn to love yourself before you try to love anyone else. We all are beautiful people, and I believe that we were each created by a higher power for a reason and it is our destiny to figure out what that reason was and carry it out. But you only get one life, so live it to the max! Stay healthy, practice safe sex and love one another! And if you are ashamed of who you are, or
anything you do for that matter, then maybe YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT THEN.

Later my little monsters!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hello gorgeous.

So I don't know if the cosmos is out of whack or something, but a lot of peculiar things have been happening to me lately. Yesterday was my friend Jacy's birthday (2nd birthday this week) and my friend Caylan and I decided to take her out. So we all went downtown to the Jazz Festival, and had a fairly good time. If you are not a Sacramento native, you may not be too familiar with the light rail. Basically the light rail is a train system that transports people all over the city (similar to a subway but it isn't underground).

All three of us head over to the 7th & K St. light rail stop to wait for our train so we can head back to Jacy's car which is parked at the Meadowview light rail station. We walk towards the stop, and once we get there my friend Caylan stops us and tells us to turn around. Near some bushes in front of an alleyway near the street is a middle aged black couple, doing very obscene and bizarre things. Now because it is dark and at night, they are not entirely visible. HOWEVER if you were to walk past them on the streets they would be in plain sight. When we turn around my friend Jacy gasps and I exclaim, "Oh my gosh is he sucking her toes?" My friend Caylan goes on to say, "Yes he is, but don't stare!"

Me being as over-dramatic as I am, OF COURSE I can't stop staring or repeating, "Oh my gosh he's sucking her toes! He's really sucking her toes!" If that isn't repulsing and peculiar enough, it gets worse! The woman then goes on to pull his shorts down and begins to perform oral sex on him! We were mortified! Living in Sacramento, and being unfortunately
forced to take public transportation until my finances see fit to get me a vehicle, I very frequently see some strange things. But that crossed the line.

Some people seem to have no decency or shame! I am a big fan of PDA (public display of affection) but I have to draw the line at some place. Those people or like my friend Caylan prefers to call them, "Crazies" were all the way over the line, building a house with a picket white fence, and starting their own neighborhood of other little Crazies! What if a law enforcer had walked by and saw that? Or what if a child had walked by and witnessed it? And for them to be adults they should know better than to do that. Also being that they were right by an
alleyway, if they seriously could not wait to "get busy" why couldn't they have gone down there where no one could have seen them? Its disgusting, tasteless, and a crying shame! People like them need to be quarantined! It should be a national law, that dirty middle aged people should not be allowed to practically have sex on the streets where everyone can see them! Hmph, talk about having no class! So for any couples or individuals who are fans of PDA and enjoy engaging in it, PLEASE draw the line at kissing. Anything more intense than that should be confined to the privacy of your bedroom!

Later my little monsters!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ATTACK of the technology!

Hello gorgeous.

I would first like to say that I am very new to this whole "blogging" thing. But since no one ever reads anything I write on Myspace or Facebook, and this whole site is dedicated to blogging, AND it seems to be the new craze, why not give it a try? "When in Rome" right?

Today I was struck with some very interesting new thoughts (as I often am) while hanging out with my friends Brandon and Amber. For one, Brandon is gay and today was his 18th birthday. While treating him to some ice cream we began to talk about dating and guys. He was saying that he does not have or want a cell phone anytime soon. I responded by saying, "This is 2009! How do you even exist without a cell phone?"

He went on to say one of the most profound and stimulating things I had heard all day. "If a guy likes me, he'll make the effort to see me. The fact that I don't have a phone is just a test to see how bad he wants to go out with me. Any guy who is not worth my time won't make the effort." And while initially the fact of having no phone seems practically impossible to me (I mean seriously, I can't go an hour or more without texting!) I think my friend Brandon might be on to something!

We live in a very technical era, and the people of my generation have so many technical advances that were not available, even 20 years ago. Internet, cell phones, online social networks, music that can be downloaded; these things were nonexistent until now. Not to say that technology is a bad thing, but when it comes to socializing I think it makes us a little lazy. From personal experience, I have found that it is much easier to talk to someone by texting them or chatting online opposed to meeting up with them in person or even calling them. We live in an era of online social networks where we can be connected to people who live across the country and even across the globe!--and there is nothing wrong with that. But it seems most people are meeting and dating other people via Myspace, Downelink, Facebook etc. rather than in person like "The Old Days".

Call me old fashioned, but there is something exhilariting, enchanting and thrilling about meeting someone in person rather than talking to them online prior to meeting them. I like the thrill of walking up to someone and introducing myself to them, or having them do it to me. The chemistry, the exchnage of information, the exchange of numbers--these things my friends appear to be going out of style. Is meeting someone in person going vintage, or even worse "out" entirely? I seriously hope that the consistent technical advances of our generation does not make us all lazy computer geeks, and forget how to interact with one another in person!

Later my little monsters!

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