Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is LOVE?

Hello gorgeous.

[WARNING] this blog is just a bunch of rambling.

What is love?
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me (Cue techno music and strobe lights)

I think that "What is love?" is one of those timeless questions that has been asked for years and years before us, and will continue to be asked after us. And the answers to it are infinite depending on the person asking!

Some would say that God is love, and that you never really can experience it until you have found him. Others may say that love is something you share with someone you really care about. Or maybe love is having a circle of people whether it be friends or family, who you can trust and you know really care about you.

Maybe love is just like a home, and it is where your heart is. Maybe love is realizing that all you ever wanted or needed was always right in front of you in one particular person. Or it could be that all you ever needed was yourself.

Love could be giving someone a second chance after they've hurt and disappointed you. Maybe love is admitting to yourself and everyone around you that you never really stopped caring about a guy or girl. Maybe love is something you find in material things; maybe love is a shopping spree. Maybe love is concluding that the spark you thought you saw in someone is gone now.

Some people would say that love is a recreational activity (like writing in my case), maybe dancing, singing, basketball or fashion. Maybe love is leaving someone behind, not because you don't care about them anymore but maybe realizing that they have been holding you back. Love could be quitting that bad habit, whether it is smoking, drugs, drinking, etc. Maybe love is being rejected again and again until you finally found someone who wants you. Maybe love is changing for someone you really care about, perhaps it is accepting someone just as they are.

Maybe love is sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon and laughing at a memory. Could it be never forgetting someone that has passed on? Instead of throwing your hands up and saying "fuck it!"--maybe love is clasping those hands with those of another and working it out. Is love sharing your body with someone and having sex with them? Maybe love is the beauty and splendor of child birth. Could love be getting the guts to tell someone that you really care about them or like them? Is love at first sight, or is it a gradual feeling that happens over time?

Is love really simple--or maybe it is complicated; is it the duality of both? Is love ever wrong? Does it ever hurt? If it does, do you withstand the pain or walk away from it? Do you fight those feelings you thought you suppressed so well, or should you give in to them? Is love forgiving all the people that have hurt you and moving on with life? Is it being charitable and having humility? Is love never missing church in 7 years? Is love dedication? Is love giving or receiving--or perhaps, is it both?

The answers are as limitless as the questions. But maybe love is none of these things, perhaps love is in discovery. And maybe you never really will know what it is, unless you conquer your fears and go out to seek it.

Later my little monsters!

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Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello gorgeous.

Summer '09, its looking mighty good wouldn't you agree? The heat, the events, the people--summer so far has proved to be quite fabulous! Despite its ups and downs, whether they be personal and individual, or global like the loss of the great Michael Jackson, summer still pushes on and it still feels good!

So the topic of this blog came to me while I was at San Francisco Pride '09 with some friends at the end of June.What defines the good life once we all "grow up" and get older?
And are the things that are thought to compose the good life what we really want, or what society has advertised and brainwashed us into believing we should want? The things that would compose this so-called good life would be a man and woman getting married, driving a decent car, living in a nice house, having children, and having stable careers. Many people strive to achieve this life or are taught to at least want it--but what happens if you don't want it or anything like it?

Generally if you do not want this life, don't get it or at least some part of it by a certain age then society says something has to be wrong with you! I talked to several individuals and most people of my generation do not entirely want this illusion of a good life. So is there something wrong with them? Should they be condemned for not wanting the popular perception of the ideal life? I personally do not see myself getting married when I get older. I am not bitter towards marriage; I believe marriage can be beautiful when two people truly love one another and want to grow old together, but I don't think that's for me. Children I could see myself maybe adopting, and as for a home I don't see myself living in one place for long periods of time. Am I wrong for not wanting to live the life society says I should?

Even as children we are taught to be housewives and macho men. We are given baby dolls to encourage motherhood, and foot balls and toy guns to roughen us up. But what if you're a little boy who does not have a crush on the girl next door but instead has a thing for the other boy up the street? Or what if you're a female in your twenties who would rather establish your career first instead of chasing a man to succumb to being a wife or some body's baby mama? I think that the people of my generation are not necessarily ignoring the principles our parents and many people before us tried to instill in us, but I think we are going out into the world and inventing our own. Marriage, family, and stability are beautiful principles that have been perpetuated by society and those before us, however I do not see the harm in young people today stepping up to plate to make our own rules and define ourselves. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with anyone wanting the "good life" by wanting to be married, living in a house with a white picket fence, with a few little rascals running around. But maybe there also is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to spend her life with another woman, or a man traveling the world instead of being tied down to a wife with kids--we should not let society label it a wrong or bad life, but just a different one.

At the end of the day, we are the rulers of our lives. Too many leaders and individuals before us have stepped outside the box to not break the rules but invent their own--and it is their examples we should model ourselves after. We live in an age where gay men can look better than some females, women can run corporations and businesses, people with no musical talent can still have fans and make money, and the president of the United States can be a man of color; who the hell says we can't live our lives the way want to?! Maybe the "good life" is not what society says it should be, but it is whatever we want it to be based on our own happiness.

Later my little monsters!
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