Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day & Nite. [Photo Montage]

Hello gorgeous.

Today officially marks the first day of Fall! Aren't you excited? I sure am! I can't wait to crank out the new sweaters, scarves, and get a break from all this heat!

Anyway, this post is just a photo montage of some shots I took around Downtown Sacramento! I am in no way a professional photographer, nor do I do own any professional camera equipment. Its just some pictures I took! Enjoy!

This is some abandoned garage. It was really eerie.

Amber was pretty scared, but I still like this picture.

I like this angle, and how Amber's height contrasts with the height of the building.

Barbed wire.

Amber at a worn down building on 16th Street.

Solo shot of the worn down building.

Shot of the back of the building on 16th Street.

Transition from day..........

...........to night.

Construction area.

And then we took a wrong turn and ended up on 15th and U Street! Haha, oops!

Some random bar. I love the neon sign!

Profile of Amber on a nice bench!

This concludes the photo montage! I will say that we were very exhausted after walking all those blocks when we got lost haha!

Later my little monsters!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P Summer, Hello Fall!

Hello gorgeous.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say our goodbyes. Summer you have been a delight, but it is time for us to retire you dear. Fall is slowly making his way on the scene, and I am quite eager to see him!

Oh Fall how much I have missed you! I am so infatuated with him, everything about him keeps me on a drug-free high. I wonder what he will be like this time around, and what new adventures I will encounter with him!

Oh how I marvel at his style and fashion! No other season can compare to the way he utilizes accessories, and makes us want to dress chic and stylish!

And the food is always so good with him! From those lovely seasonal Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks to Thanksgiving dinner, he keeps me on a full stomach!

And the music of this season has me so excited! Which of my favorite artist will release new videos, hit the studio, go on tour or perform at some venues? What new artists will emerge onto the scene?

So let us all say our last words to summer, and remember the good times we shared with her. Whether it was a summer romance, loads of partying, wild nights of clubbing and drinking, concerts, or road trips, summer has been sweet to us no doubt about that. But now I stand with open arms ready to embrace Fall! Dear Summer, we hardly knew ye.

Later my little monsters!
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