Thursday, October 1, 2009

Its Not The SIZE Of The Boat....

Hello gorgeous.

Its the first of the month! Oh my gosh I am so stoked, its been pretty cold this week too! Now I can hit the mall and thrift stores (Yes I am a thrift store fanatic) to go shopping for sweaters and scarves!

So I decided to make a blog about every one's favorite topic: S-E-X! We're all adults here right?
*Devious grin*

Sex....every one's doing it, and majority of them are not doing it right! In my opinion, sex in my generation has been so badgered, eroded, and diminished into practically nothing of significant value. Its in the media, in our music, advertisement, and it has transformed into a form so unrecognizable and contorted.

Now-a-days it seems people are mainly concerned with penis size and promiscuity. It doesn't take much to get someone in bed anymore, many people will beat you to the bedroom before you even make the offer. So many young women have demeaned themselves into whores, and sadly pride themselves in wearing the title. Many men, especially in the gay community, hop from one partner to the next and think nothing of it. It appears that we live in an era where sex and love have nothing to do with each other anymore. But I'm quite confused, when did sex and love have a break-up? And is there any hope of them getting back together?

Call me old fashioned, call me a clueless idealist, but I think more of sex than what many people of my generation do. Maybe it something to do with my upbringing, or maybe its because I have morals.Whatever the case is I know that sex is more than getting a dick shoved up your ass, spreading your legs and laying on your back, or dropping on your knees and servicing someone. I refuse to have sex with someone simply because they have a pretty smile and is well-endowed. Whatever happened to making someone you like wait to experience that privilege with you? Or perhaps that's the problem, people don't view sex as an intimate privilege that only a select few should experience with you.

Now I am not looking down on anyone or their lifestyles, but I think that many people have sex for all the wrong reasons. Some people have sex because they are sadly on a search for love and validation, but those are two things you should already have established with the person before you engage in the act with them. Also, some people allow sex to consume their relationships because they are too blinded to see that without it they have no depth in the relationship or there is nothing in common with the other person. I find it most sad, that many people have various loveless sexual encounters and pride themselves in boasting about how many partners that have had, or how they have cheated on their partners to sleep with someone else. Those people are trying to muffle their screams for attention and help.

Many people think they have sex all figured out, but let me enlighten everyone on the truth about sex: sex can be many things, but it should never require you to sacrifice your self-esteem, dignity, self-respect, or identity to engage in the act. There is nothing wrong with taking your time when it comes to sex so that it actually means something when you do it. So boys and girls it is not the "size of the boat" or "the motion of the ocean", it is about the volume of your morality.

Later my little monsters!
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