Thursday, August 20, 2009

The BEAUTY Of Rejection!

Hello gorgeous.

Ever hear the phrase, "When one door closes, another one will open?" Now although the phrase is pretty cliche, it still has some validity and power in it! In life we seem to place so much hope in the next door opening as fast as it can so we can get over the fact that one door has just been slammed in our faces. But if the door never closed on us, another one would not have opened! The second door opening is supposed to be new opportunity, hope or change and the first door is supposed to be rejection. But in my opinion, rejection is not as bad as many make it out to be!

So many fear it, fight it and avoid it like the plague, but what they fail to realize is that rejection is a beneficial factor of life. Most people are so distant or against Rejection because it never travels alone; it always has its friends Vulnerability, Pity, and Sadness tagging along with it. Feeling all these emotions is enough reason for someone to not want to have to face rejection, but there are several benefits that come from enduring it. Facing a problem and standing tall against it gives you power, experience, and may enlighten you with truth about your self or the situation you are in.

Personally I can be honest and say that I have a lot of confidence in myself; do not get me wrong I have my insecurities just like everyone else, but I am also very self-assured. With that being said, despite all my confidence and security I have with myself, I am still human and I have encountered my share of rejection. I have been rejected by guys, rejected by peers, rejected from universities and colleges, rejected from jobs...and the list goes on and on! But I still have walked away from all of those experiences stronger, brighter, and surprisingly more optimistic than before I endured them! I will also say that yes, it hurts to be rejected especially repeatedly. So I can understand someone's reasoning for not wanting to face a problem or issue in fear of being turned down.

However, there is a beauty in pain that can only be discovered through stomaching it. There is a certain knowledge that you absorb when you overcome rejection, and it can be flexible and applicable to various aspects of your life. So many cringe at the thought of being bold and brave in their situations and they cower away. They shy away from asking someone they like out on a date, opening up about their feelings or expressing their emotions, or demonstrating their talent or creativity all because of rejection. Instead of screaming, they muffle themselves and stay silent. Regret and resentment usually follows.

I said all that to say this, we as humans are not invincible. We all have our rain days, and sometimes those rainy days turn into brutal storms. Rejection is not all that bad once you get to know him, in fact he's really beautiful once you learn how to conquer him. Life is not all about having your back glued to the wall, but it is also not all about being wild and reckless. Sometimes life is about taking the plunge, being risky, testing your chances. And if you fall and hit the ground, there's really only one logical thing left to do which is to get back up! The more times you endure rejection the more prone you will become to equipping yourself for it and his clingy buddies. Let us not muffle ourselves in silence, let's give rejection a run for its money and scream--loudly scream!

Later my little monsters.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

10 Signs That You Are Dating A HEART BREAKER!

Hello gorgeous.

So I decided to write my second "Top 10", this time about heart breakers! Whether you know it or not, summer is approaching its end and it is also BREAK UP SEASON!!!! So generally if you are in a relationship this is the period when most couples start to have problems. I wouldn't be too heart broken though, just think about all the newly available Fall cuties there will be! This post will magnify a few signs that you are dating a heart breaker!

Okay let's kick this thing off!

#10 - You find yourself consistently competing with your boyfriend's/girlfriend's friends for their attention. They are steadily spending most of their free time with their friends, while you are always getting blown off. Despite your efforts to spend time with them, you always seem to end up on the back burner.

#9 - Anything that goes wrong that is their fault, always and I mean always is followed by an excuse. They can never seem to own up to their mishaps. You find yourself always being spoon fed a bunch of excuses that not only explain why whatever happened is not their fault, but also makes you feel guilty for blaming them in the first place.

#8 - He/She does not listen to you or communicate with you effectively. You find yourself continuously arguing or fighting over the same things, and it seems like they are never showing any improvement. Or, you feel like you have no voice at all in the relationship.

#7 - You try to vocalize your desires and they are always ignored by him/her. They do not take into consideration how or why what you want is important to you, and they don't strive to make any compromises. Whether that desire is more personal space, more attention, or to be sexually satisfied to whatever degree. Your wants are shut down and neglected.

#6 - Your friends have warned you about them, or told you not to date them and you defend him/her. However, you spend most of your time trying to convince yourself more than anyone else that this person is as good as you think they are. Despite everyone's advice and your own intuition, you find yourself trying to prove that you are not wrong about him/her.

#5 - He/she has a bad dating history or reputation. You are so convinced that you will be 'the one' to change them, and that you will not end up like all of their heart broken exes.

#4 - They make you feel used....and not in a good way. They consume most of your energy and contribute to most of your stress. Your relationship or time revolves mostly around all of their issues and problems. Or, they tell you that they "need you"....and you stay around because you believe him/her.

#3 - You break up and make up constantly. Things are never good for a long period of time. You always find yourself fighting or breaking up with him/her. The relationship is emotionally draining or mentally manipulative.

#2 - You've already told yourself that you don't want to do this anymore, but can never leave for good. Something always pulls you back.

#1 - You can't look at him/her and see what made you want to be with him/her in the first place. The fire, the light, or whatever is no longer there anymore.

I am by no means an expert at relationships. I mean I'm 19, what the hell do I know about love and relationships right? But these are just some things that I have encountered or witnessed and they all point to the same conclusion: THE GUY/GIRL YOU ARE DATING IS A HEART BREAKER! Stop crying. Stop stressing. And most importantly, stop fighting a battle that has already ended. Besides, if the person really cared about you or the relationship wouldn't they be fighting alongside you?

Honey, give it a rest.

Later my little monsters!
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