Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010, I want a REFUND!

Hello gorgeous.

You're nothing but a lying, misrepresented, over-budgeted, disappointing little twat full of false promises. And no I am not talking about the new Sex and The City 2 movie, I am talking about the year 2010. And unlike the movie, I want my damn money back.

I could've swore we all were told by 2010 that it was gonna be a good year, it was going to be a bunch of change and things were gonna get better. I recall being told that we didn't have to worry about that low-life 2009 following us anymore and trying to consume our lives with anymore stress and drama. But like a faulty politician, 2010 gassed us up, got our vote and fell through when it came time to keep her word. Well I am an unpleased individual and I want a damn refund!

Don't get me wrong, I am a fond believer of LIFE being what you make it, but I also am not blind to the fact that LIFE has the tendency to throw you a couple curve balls every now and then. And it seems like that's all I have been getting this year. From being laid off, having a rocky semester at school, being heart broken from nearly every guy I've dated this year, drama with family and especially friends, and even the weather has been a little wacky lately. Uhh 2010, what the fuck is this all about? Because all this was not in the trailer, it was not in the sneak preview, and all this drama was not listed in your brochure!

Well I refuse to sit here nagging and complaining about how big of a let down this year has been for me so far. I am not going to march over to management and start whining for a refund for my time and patience, I am however going to snatch it from them and turn things around! From this point on I refuse to let this year keep pushing me down, its about time I started pushing back! I know that somewhere in the advertisement for the upcoming year, 2010 promised me some happiness and sunny days. And now, I'm coming for it!

Peace and love!
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