Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Declaration of Independence!

Hello gorgeous.

Hmph, you're so vain I bet you probably think this blog is about you. And you're right, it is! You heart breaker, you con-artist, you manipulator, you hater, you negative leech, you bundle of fear, you feeling of sorrow and misery, you dream crusher, you mind full of regret, you trials and tribulations of 2009!

So much has happened this year, its been a wild and reckless roller coaster that I have been a very unwilling participant of. Reflecting on my life, and all the events that occurred this year has pushed me so far off the ledge I have nothing left to do but spread my wings and soar back up to the top. Life in 2009 has given me so much drama, so much heart ache that I can not wait for the year to finally meet its end.

Many people hope and wish for 2010 to be better for them, but I am certain that 2010 will exceed my expectations because I plan on making it that way. There is no room for failure, uncertainty or doubt, I have to come out swinging. There are no options or alternatives. My style, ambition, work ethic, morals, relationships all have to be on point! No room for slip-ups or mishaps!

One of the main hassles I faced in 2009 was my relationships with guys. I find it so sad, yet hilarious that out of all the guys I dated this year, after all the bullshit and obstacles they put me through, now that the year is coming to its end and I am getting near the finish line....the only person still standing here is me. There's no one who held my hand the whole time, no one who stood by my side, no man who gave me constant support and words of endearment, no its just me. Trust me, that fact screams a truth too loud to be ignored, and I'm finally listening to it.

So with all that being said, this is a declaration of independence. This is an emancipation from disappointment, wastes of time, jumping though loop holes, holding back and falling victim to doubt. This is MY LIFE got damn it and it is about time I started acting like it! Its time I exercised my creativity in various avenues, gave myself plenty of space to mature and explore the many passions and interests I have. And I am not waiting for the clock to strike midnight on New Years Eve, I'm starting RIGHT NOW. I'm going hard with no intentions of slowing down, or giving up. In 2009 life threw a lot of punches but never knocked my lights out, so for round two in 2010 I'm swinging back.

Later my little monsters!
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  1. Looks were on the "same" boat in 2010. We're not putting up with BS. Good luck honey,even though you don't you need it, you and I know you're going to succeed.