Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I <3 Breakups!

Hello gorgeous.

I don't know if its the weather, or if people are just getting sick and tired of each other, but it feels like numerous people are breaking up left and right! After engaging in several conversations concerning dating and breakups, I felt like I had to address the issue.

Nobody ever said that life, including anything in it was going to be easy. And if they did say that, they definitely lied. And if you believed the lie you're a fucking idiot. Okay maybe not an idiot, but you are a moron. Its a dog-eat-dog world and nothing is ever going to be handed to you, if you want something you have to be prepared to make the sacrifices and work hard to get it. The same work ethic applies to the world of dating, nothing is ever going to be entirely simple with it.

The world of dating is full of diversity: so many people searching for so many things and its easy to get corrupted, distracted, and trampled over in the process. The same scenarios happen every time, we get tired of taking someone's bullshit, people change, some one gets bored, some one gets scared...its a very fragile and complicated issue. Hell, I don't know why any of us do it at all, but the fact is that we all do it. I believe we should all learn to accept and embrace the breakup process instead of sulking or resenting the process or the person who initiated it.

I can say from personal experience I have been broken up with many times, and even broken up with a few guys in my day. Some of the incidents were bad, and some of them went quite smoothly but they all come to an end. And to be frank, I couldn't be any fucking happier that they did! The breakup process teaches you something every time it occurs, and I always feel so enlightened and matured after them. I spring back into action more level headed, focused and liberated than I felt before.

So what you dated the jerk and he broke your heart? Take a few days to cry and have your temper tantrum, then shake it off and move the hell on! As corny as it is, there are ALWAYS more fish in the sea! Just like you picked up the last lover, you can up another one. Yes breaking up is painful, frustrating and disappointing, but there will be sunny days and rainbows again. And if you didn't take anything from this blog, please take this: where there is anything good, you can bet there is always something better. And if there is something better then there must be something that is the best. So don't spend too much time hung up on something you thought was good, because something better just might past you by.

Later my little monsters!
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  1. ......SIGH! This is too true. Having many friends who have had their heart broken, seeing them go through the pain and suffering. Sometimes it goes on for too long, but regardless of how long it takes being there is key. All of this is very true. GREAT JOB!