Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello gorgeous.

So I've been feeling incredibly creative lately, and a lot of that energy has been injected in my outer appearance. Now I am not a person with an outrageous sense of style, but the way I dress is not very common in my area. Needless to say, I very often get a lot of attention...mostly negative haha.

But I have learned a few things in my day, and one lesson I learned is to live your life giving no apologies. I consider myself to be an individual because I always strive to do things my own way and at my own pace. But sometimes it feels like individuality is going out of style. So many people are thinking, dressing and acting so alike these days, particularly where I live. I don't frequently go to the club, but on the occasions I do feels like everyone in there is the same! From their attire, mentality, actions...they all seem like clones of each other. Is anybody different anymore?

I have also come to terms with myself on the fact that I can not really befriend or date someone who is not an individual in some aspect of their life. Whether it is their style, goals, or outlook on life, if the person is narrow-minded or a victim to sameness the relationship or friendship between us usually does not travel far. I find myself consistently fighting with them, always disagreeing on ideas or methods of doing things, feeling trapped, feeling like the person is constricting me and holding me back. If the person lacks individuality often times they will not be able to understand me, and will spend too much time trying to figure me out instead of accepting me as I am.

I admire people who step outside the box to do their own thing. I respect their courage and fearlessness, and I model myself after their mentality. I want to be remembered as the boy who did his own thing, moved to the beat of his own drums, played in his own league, invented and broke his own rules. I'm bringing individuality BACK in style, and rocking it like no other! In life there is only one you, and you have two choices: you can live your life like everyone else, or you can choose to be an individual. So I encourage everyone to embrace themselves! Be your own person! And as the end of the year approaches, why not set some goals for the new year and do some things you've never done before! The only thing holding you back, is you.

Later my little monsters!
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  1. Really awesome, honey! I would like to say that you have had a personal impact on my with your individuality, made me try new things I never thought I would so, thank you! :)