Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will The "Real Mikey" PLEASE Stand Up?

Hello gorgeous.

Its a new year and a new day! I said I was going to leave a lot of things in 2009, and start and try some new things in 2010...and I plan to do just that! But before we get to all that, I need to address an issue of mine!

It felt like in 2009 I was sitting in the passenger's seat of my life, and I didn't accomplish or achieve many of the goals I felt I should have. I let all the hassles and obstacles I endured steer me wherever they wanted, and now I'm forced playing catch up! But I think its best to learn from your mistakes and try again then to be down in the dumps and not get back on your feet at all.

So for this year I'm going to do things very differently! For one thing, I want to upgrade my personality. I've always believed that first impressions were highly important, but for some reason all my first impressions turn out horribly wrong! People generally always think the worse of me when they meet me for the first time! Once they get past my exterior and get to know the "real me" they discover that I'm nothing of what they thought I was initially, but damn that takes a lot of time and work! They usually think I'm this flamboyant, pretentious, stuck up and obnoxious gay boy. Or they think I'm really shy, reserved and docile. And neither of those things are who I am at all!

I'd like to think of myself as charismatic, irresistible and adorable (Haha just kidding)! I know that I am a nice guy, and I'd like to show more of that persona than to have to everyone thinking the wrong things about me. Now that does not mean that I am going to morph myself or kiss a bunch of ass to get everyone to like me, because lets be realistic everyone is not going to like or be able to tolerate me! But there is no harm in being genuine, sincere and the best you that you can be at all times! If the public is not going to sip my cup of tea, I'd prefer it'd be because it was not the flavor they were looking for, rather than they misunderstood it at first glance.

This year I am going hard. No exceptions, no excuses. And the only way I can do that is by being the best me I can be! So its about time I started living my life for me, and being myself 100 %. I've got nothing to lose at this point!

Peace and love!
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  1. First off you a dork! Second if you're going to go hard, do it! Don't hold back, and I know that you won't. Your singing was angelic! Remember American Idol, lol. The most true line from the blog "lets be realistic everyone is not going to like or be able to tolerate me!" Can I get an amen?! There are those that are willing to tolerate you are in your life for a reason, and cherish those people. Those who can't tolerate you, EFF 'em! <3

  2. That's right I am going on AMERICAN IDOL because AMBER said my singing is "angelic"!!! Haha!